Infinite Group: The Secrets of Motivation

08 Apr Infinite Group: The Secrets of Motivation

Here at Infinite Group, we are always looking for ways to keep on the productive path and achieve our objectives. We would like to outline the strategies used by some of the world’s most successful people to keep themselves and their teams motivated in the face of tough challenges.

Daniel Lubetzky, the CEO of Kind Healthy Snacks, believes that getting the best performance out of your people means finding out the unique things that motivate them. He explained, “You can’t get everybody to give the best of themselves unless you understand what drives each individual and what they care about the most.”

We at Infinite Group believe you must give your team members more autonomy and listen to their ideas and opinions. Lizanne Falsetto, CEO of Thinkthin, agrees with this approach. She commented, “From the beginning, I really try to listen to what people have to say and include them in decisions. I constantly try to bring the team together with brainstorms and think tanks and fun group trips.”

Brent Gleeson, a former Navy SEAL who is now the chief marketing officer for Internet Marketing Inc., believes you have to shake things up to keep associates motivated. “People won’t come to work motivated every day, so you have to do different things because everybody responds to different motivators.” He suggests offering flexible schedules and organizing group exercise routines to inspire your people.

We at Infinite Group hope these tips will help you keep motivation at a high level throughout your team.

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