Infinite Group on Motivating Millennials

22 Apr Infinite Group on Motivating Millennials

Members of the millennial generation are often knocked for having lousy work ethics, but we at Infinite Group believe this is unfair. Young professionals simply need to be motivated in different ways than their more seasoned colleagues. Here are a few tips you can employ to get optimal performance from your millennial team members:

• Provide Flexibility: Millennials expect a strong work/life balance, so give them flexible schedules when possible. You may need to deliver a bit more guidance to make this arrangement work, but it will lead to better results in the long run.

• Emphasize Development: Members of Gen Y are driven to improve their skill sets, and they will appreciate your efforts to help them do so. We at Infinite Group believe your younger team members will pay back your commitment with increased loyalty.

• Create a Clear Path: Millennials want to know exactly what they must do to advance within your organization. Make sure the path forward is uncluttered, and promote based on merit rather than politics.

• Allow Use of Personal Devices: Young professionals are very attached to their tech devices these days, so let your millennials use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the office. You may need to set some basic ground rules, but you will see a boost in morale.

We at Infinite Group are confident that these strategies will lead to better performance from your Gen Y team members.

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