Infinite Group on Making a Bad First Impression Better

13 May Infinite Group on Making a Bad First Impression Better

Despite our best attempts to ensure that our first encounters with others are positive, there will be times that we fail in this regard. As such, we make negative impressions on those we’ve met. As our Infinite Group experts contend, it can be challenging to overcome that bad image you’ve just left with someone. However, if you do it right, it’s not impossible.


Contrary to instinct, if your behavior has left another person offended, our Infinite Group professionals caution you not to attempt to balance the situation. In other words, don’t counter with more likeable aspects of yourself in an attempt to excuse your wrongdoing, because the negative impression will still weigh heavier.


Instead, our Infinite Group managers recommend that you should try to help those with whom you’ve left a negative impact see your actions in a positive light. Let’s say that you were tardy arriving at a meeting, for example. Acknowledge your actions and take ownership of them. Apologize and explain what caused you to run late. Perhaps you had a sick child for whom you needed to find emergency childcare. If you can explain your actions in a truthful manner that evokes empathy, you’re likely to obtain a second chance to prove yourself.


Remember, if you do earn an additional opportunity to make an impact, be careful to build a positive image. Third chances are rarely – if ever – granted.


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