Infinite Group: Where Anyone Can Become the Professional He or She Aspire to Be

When we do things at Infinite Group, we do them right. This sentiment is reflected in the career opportunities we offer. We empower our team members to step outside their comfort zones, take risks, and exercise their passions. The ability to pave their own paths ensures that they find personally rewarding professional futures. Ambitious people thrive with us.

Extensive Training

We take learning and growth seriously at Infinite Group. When you join our team, the first order of business is to master our marketing approach. You’ll do so in a hands-on context – not through outdated manuals and videos. From research practices and campaign design to communication and leadership skills, you’ll experience it all firsthand as you progress along your path to excellence.

Personalized Coaching

Even our most experienced leaders started their careers at the entry level. Their advancement through the company has taught them what it takes to succeed in the firm, and what type of culture is most conducive to collaboration and creativity. Working on the Infinite Group team, you’ll be assigned a coach who will work with you on an individual basis. He or she will support and guide you as you master the most effective outreach methods, ensuring that you thrive professionally and personally.

Networking and Development Opportunities

We take learning and growth seriously at Infinite Group. When you join our team, With all the networking and development opportunities we offer, your career will never stagnate. From industry training, to leadership conferences, to team retreats, you’ll broaden your network and strengthen your bonds with your colleagues and business leaders. With every event, you’ll also increase your knowledge and boost your confidence. You can’t go wrong with us.

A Great Group of Professionals

Our talented associates make Infinite Group the thriving company it is today. Combining motivation and intense work ethic has propelled us past all our goals, driving individual as well as group success. This investment in collaboration is the bedrock of our company, ensuring that everyone wins.

Marketing Representative

This level provides on-site training in the basics of our marketing methods.

Responsibilities include:

  • Discovering business systems and structures
  • Providing customer service and deploying promotions
  • Learning business basics
  • Communicating client and product knowledge
Leadership/Training Manager

At the leadership level, you will continue to work on-site as you learn how to train other team members in our basic marketing systems.

Responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing five or more team members
  • Leading training for small groups
  • Doing first round interviews
  • Running meetings
  • Participating in business trips
Assistant Manager

At this level, you will work on-site and behind the scenes as you master promotional planning and team management.

Responsibilities include:

  • Providing administration within the office
  • Coordinating campaigns
  • Overseeing promotional logistics including product ordering, shipping, and receiving
  • Assisting with recruitment and interviews
  • Coordinating campaign finances
  • Meeting and communicating with clients
  • Supervising other team members and managing meetings

In the management level you will be developing, training, and managing our marketing efforts.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supervising marketing campaigns and client compliance
  • Managing corporate accounting
  • Overseeing office management
  • Training and promoting team members
  • Ensuring a consistent cycle of development within the team

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